Yiftee® No Hassle Gift Cards

Yiftee gift cards enables all types of merchants including coffee shops, bakeries, boutiques, restaurants, local grocery shops, spas, car washes and more to offer gift cards on their website.


What is it?

Yiftee No Hassle Gift Cards are a digital gift card solution that offer Global Payments' Merchants an easy way to sell and redeem gift cards right from their customer’s smartphone (or printed). Yiftee gift cards are sent and received via email, text or Twitter and processed as a digital MasterCard voucher. Gift card recipients and your business receive monthly reminders about the gift card or until the gift card expires, upon which the gift card value is returned to the sender.

Benefits of Yiftee

  • Spend more time managing the shop floor. No gift card accounting or tracking required.
  • Get full value of the gift card. No revenue or transaction share with Yiftee gift cards.
  • Increase visibility of your shop. Monthly reminders encouraging customers to come in and shop.
  • Reduce fraud hassles. Yiftee gift card vouchers are pre-authorized by MasterCard, so there are never any chargebacks.
  • Leverage your digital Yiftee gift card link. Include it in social and email campaigns to sell more gift cards. Send gift cards instead of coupons or discounts to existing customer.

Features of Yiftee

  • 24/7 merchant support via phone or email
  • Yiftee merchant portal allows for easy customization
  • Reporting and tracking capabilities via Yiftee website
  • Branded gift card vouchers