Expand Customer Payment Options Through Credit Card Processing

If your customers want to pay using credit or debit cards, Global Payments can help your business accept card payments at the point of sale.

Reduce Reconciliation Hassles While Encouraging Customers to Spend More

Offer your customers a fast, efficient way of paying for goods and services at your point of sale by accepting local HSBC Quikcash card, Visa, MasterCard, and Diners International Cards.

Additional Benefits

  • Benefit from the latest anti-fraud features - Chip and PIN
  • Receive the most suitable POS terminal for your business that is compact and easy to use
  • Process card transactions quickly, lower insurance costs, and facilitate reconciliations.
  • Reduce cash handling
  • Reduce number of cheque payments which reduces the possibility of unpaid cheques
  • Sign up for pre-authorised transactions (for hotel check-in/check-out)
  • Receive multi-currency card processing in GBP, if you need to quote prices other that EUR
  • Receive portable and/or mobile terminals

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