GPC Financial Corporation (GPCFC): Customer Complaints Resolution Procedures


GPC Financial Corporation (“GPCFC”), as a Federally Regulated Financial Institution (“FRFI”), is required to have a complaint handling process in place for dealing with complaints made by customers. GPCFC is also subject to the Compliance Framework of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (“FCAC”), a federal regulatory agency established by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Act.

Customer complaints reflect the customer’s dissatisfaction with the services and/or products provided by GPCFC. Complaints may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Complaints regarding the functionality of GPCFC’s products or services
  • Complaints regarding the fees associated with GPCFC’s products or services
  • Complaints regarding GPCFC’s internal business policies or guidelines
  • Complaints regarding the operation of GPCFC’s systems
  • Complaints regarding errors occurring in the course of business
  • Complaints regarding a failure by GPCFC to meet legal obligations as a FRFI or
  • Complaints regarding issues of service commitment, service environment and/or service efficiency

FRFIs have certain legal obligations to customers, and FCAC is responsible for investigating complaints that relate to a possible violation of these legal obligations.

Complaints that do not relate to a legal obligation of an FRFI are not investigated by FCAC. However, such complaints are still governed by GPCFC’s complaint handling process and GPCFC has internal procedures for investigating and handling such complaints. The followings are examples of complaints that do not relate to GPCFC’s legal obligations:

  • pricing of products (e.g., service fees, chargers for terminal rentals)
  • quality of services received
  • loan and credit granting policies
  • billing errors and
  • other general service issues

Complaints Handling Process

The objective of GPCFC’s complaint handling process is the satisfactory resolution of the complaint as perceived by the customer. To this end, the following mechanisms and escalation options are available to the customer:

Level One

Level Two

  • Customers can bring their concerns to the Director of Customer Service if Level One handling process wasn’'t considered satisfactory. Customers can contact the Call Centre at 1.800.263.2970 / 1.866.876.3848 in this regard and/or submit their concerns in writing.

Level Three

  • Customers can bring their concerns to the Ombudsman of GPCFC if both Level One and Level Two handling processes weren’t considered satisfactory.

    Ombudsman for GPC Financial Corporation
    Kate Novitzky, Chief Legal Officer
    10 Glenlake Parkway NE, North Tower
    Atlanta, Georgia 30328-3473
    Telephone: 770.829.8239
    Fax: 770.829.8265

Third Party Complaint Handling Process For GPCFC

In addition to GPCFC's service commitment to its customers, there are a number of external agencies that ensure GPCFC’s compliance with applicable legislations and guidelines. They are as follows:

  • Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (“OBSI”)

    Customers can contact the OBSI, an independent ombudsman appointed to serve the interests of customers of FRFIs, if they are not fully satisfied with the actions taken by GPCFC. While it is anticipated that the complaint would be resolved by GPCFC within 90 days, customers may refer their complaint to OBSI if no resolution have been provided within that time. OBSI can be contacted at:

    Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (“OBSI”)
    401 Bay Street
    Suite 1505, P.O. Box 5
    Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4
    Telephone: 1.888.451.4519
    Fax: 1.888.422.2865

  • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

    The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) supervises all FRFIs to ensure they comply with federal consumer protection laws. If customers have a complaint about violation of such laws, they can contact the FCAC at:

    Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)
    6th Floor, Enterprise Building
    427 Laurier Ave. West
    Ottawa, ON K1R 1B9
    Telephone: 1.866.461.3222

  • The Privacy Commissioner of Canada

    If the complaint is related to privacy issues, the customer can choose to contact The Office of the Privacy Commission of Canada.

    The Privacy Commissioner of Canada
    Telephone: 613.995.8210 or 1.800.282.1376
    Fax: 613-947-6850