Increase Customer Loyalty and Target New Customers with edō

edō is transforming shopping and saving by delivering the simplest solution to personalized offers that are automatically available through consumers' credit card, debit cards and mobile devices.

What is it?

The edō card-linked offers platform is specifically designed for marketers and merchants looking to connect online advertising with in-store results. Offers are triggered using the data that matters most – spending activity. Offers powered by edō can be redeemed instantly and with savings automatically credited back into the consumer’s bank account.

Loyalty Of Customers

Benefits of edō

The edō card­linked offers platform brings unique insight and clarity into consumer spending behavior, helping marketers and merchants increase loyalty and target new customers with instantly redeemable discounts tailored to their customers’ shopping habits – using the very thing that is already in everyone’s wallets, the payment card.

Additional Benefits

  • There's no point of sale integration required. If you accept credit and debit cards today, then you are ready to run your first campaign.
  • edō and its bank partners will process and verify your customers' qualifying transactions.
  • No staff training needed since a card-linked offer transaction is just like any other credit or debit transaction.
  • There's no setup cost or monthly fee. edō operates on a pay-per-performance model, where you only pay when edō drives customers to make a purchase with you.
  • You have the ability to set campaign budgets and specify locations.

Features of edō

Unlike traditional digital and promotional ad offerings, edō is as easy for merchants as it is for consumers, no matter how big or small. When a consumer swipes a card to redeem an offer, that value is instantly credited to the account and the savings is ready to spend on the next purchase.

Additional Features

  • edō campaigns only take between 3 and 4 weeks to launch.
  • edō sales representatives will work with you to determine the ideal campaign audience.
  • You control your campaign budgets, and edō will design the campaign for you. An edō Sales Representative will even work with you to determine the ideal campaign budget.
  • With edō, you don’t need to offer deep discounts like many of today's deal sites. edō only requires an offer of at least 10% off.