#1 in Virtual and Physical Card Issuing

We’ve built the world’s only complete ecosystem for consumer and commercial issuing and processing.

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Connected for You.
Seamless for Customers

Large financial institutions and retailers worldwide trust TSYS’s connected ecosystem to make issuing simple-and powerful:

  • Manage and grow your card portfolio through a single provider
  • Simplify your technology
  • Reduce compliance costs
  • Deliver a seamless customer experience

You're in Good Company

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We Customize Solutions for the Largest Multinational Financial Institutions in the World, All 110 of Them

Expanding Globally? We’re Already There

We’re your global growth infrastructure, ready to help you expand in any direction, at any scale. The proof? Every year, around the world, we authenticate and process over 26 billion cards through our ecosystem. We’re the market leader for issuing virtual and physical cards in the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK and China.

When you’re ready, we’re ready.

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M+ Accounts

managed around the world,
every year

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B+ Cards

authenticated and processed through
our ecosystem

Seamless Issuing. Solid Protection

Customers Want Cards, Not Complications

Our origination APIs make it easy for customers to submit all the information you need for a credit card application. Get a quick response with our automated decision engine, configurable to your risk policy.

Customize virtual or physical cards, use your own branding, and control where and how cards can be used.

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Unrivaled Authentication. However Your Customers Pay

Pinpoint theft and reduce takeover fraud with the most powerful authentication engine anywhere.

We collect real-time data on interactions and transactions, directly from customer touchpoints. Then combine that data with machine learning and predictive modeling to identify fraud. All this without making a ripple in the customer’s experience.

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Simple for You. Tough for Fraudsters

Our fraud prevention and detection solutions are easy to integrate with any type of card program.

There’s a wide range of scalable, customizable solutions to suit all varieties of business. We’ll help you find the right one for you.

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Better Decisions Start With Better Intelligence

Our industry-leading, cloud-based analytics solution delivers accessible, accurate insights and predictions on cardholder behavior and portfolio performance. So you can make successful calls on pricing, campaigns, and other activities.

Use our vast data lake as it is, or enrich it with more data of your own. Either way, our industry-leading analytics help you enrich your customer experience, drive loyalty, enhance cross-selling, and stay ahead of trends.

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The Rewards They Want, for the Loyalty You Need

Turn browsing into buying. We’ll build you a flexible loyalty program, tailored to your customers.

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create offers based on real-time insights into consumers’ preferences and buying habits.

And with incentives and benefits that suit their lives, customers will be far more likely to reach for your card first.

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Every Customer. Every Employee. One Flexible Solution

Automate your customer service processes, and give people the smooth, seamless experience they expect. Lean on our expert guidance—or just leave everything to us. Whatever you need, our comprehensive solution adapts, with pre-built workflows that configure to fit your business.

Account Servicing

Intuitive, time-saving tools to deliver unbeatable service, from call center to on-site or back-office support.

Dispute Management

Handle every dispute efficiently, with the help of machine learning. And know you’re always on the right side of regulations.

Fraud Servicing

Identify and investigate fraudulent transactions, and initiate recovery if fraud is confirmed.

Digital Transformation, Made Simple

Customers love control. So give it to them, with our website and mobile-first platform.

Give customers all the tools they need to manage their service online. From transactions, balances and chargebacks to credit line extensions, changing personal details, and more.

Our digital engagement and customer service platforms work together for a single, all-round service, and configure all your policies in one place.

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Talk to Your Cardholders

Manage, send and track cardholder notifications through our complete communications platform.

Using event and data triggers from various TSYS products, this centralized hub delivers notifications, under your brand, through a range of channels.

We’ll help you get set up, and can connect you to our prebuilt solution through a simple API.

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We’ll Get You to Market. Fast

Whatever your current infrastructure, goals or budget, we have the deployment model for you. Designed to get you to market fast—and evolve as you grow.

We can deliver a fully outsourced model where we take on all your technology and operational needs. Or handle specific functions, while you manage the rest.

Just let us know. With our API-driven tech, we can build, test, deploy and scale whatever combination of services you need, and get you to market faster. Anywhere in the world.

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What You Need Now. And Whatever Comes Next

We’ll tailor a model that fits your needs now, and adapts to keep you ahead of change.

From strategic planning to engineer support, our consultants and engineers will meet you wherever you are, help you plan, and support your growth. Wherever you go, we’ve got you.

Success Story Carrefour Banco logo

Prepaid Virtual Cards for Carrefour Brasil — in 40 Days

As the pandemic struck Brazil, the government launched a “coronavoucher” program of financial aid.

It was a lifeline. But without a bank account, it was hard to access. In Brazil, that applies to around 45 million people.

Carrefour and TSYS stepped up. Together, we provided hundreds of thousands of people with prepaid digital accounts, unlocking benefits they could use in almost 500 stores.

And we did it in 40 days, start to finish.

That’s what innovation can do when it’s backed by reliability, scale and the latest technology. That’s when it delivers.

  • “We continue to benefit from the flexibility and power of TSYS’ innovative payments solutions, along with the support of Global Payments, as we look to further simplify, streamline and digitize the overall experience for our commercial card customers.”

    Mary Mazzochi, Senior Vice President and Manager, Commercial Card Product Suite, Wells Fargo

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  • “TSYS’ suite of innovative capabilities help Truist reach our strategic goals and together we can help people and businesses achieve more.”

    Brad Strock, Executive Vice President, Card and Direct to Consumer Lending, Truist

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  • “This important client renewal highlights the durability of our customer relationships globally and the importance of our market-leading technologies as sophisticated and complex financial institutions accelerate the digitization of their critical businesses.”

    Gaylon Jowers, Jr, President, TSYS Issuer Solutions and Senior Executive Vice President, Global Payments

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