The Opportunity of Foreign Currencies

If you operate internationally, then you can add the competitive advantage of allowing your customers to pay in their home currency that they understand***. We handle the conversion and credit your account in Sterling. You receive exactly the price you set, and your customer sees exactly the price they’ll pay.

***Terminal upgrades may be needed and additional costs may apply.

  Key Benefits

  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards
  • A wide range of POS terminals that integrate seamlessly with your systems. All terminals are equipped to accept contactless transactions, including high value payments
  • Deliver secure, speedy payment experiences for your customers
  • Provide consistent payment experiences: in-person; online; or on mobile
  • Increase your payment acceptance
  • Excellent technical support

Smooth payments on-the-move

When it comes to paying, passenger expectations are high. Our sophisticated
range of mobile payment systems work through a variety of connections,
including; Bluetooth, GPRS and other wireless technologies so you can take
payments for fares in-transit and on-board with ease. Whatever your payment
needs, we can support you.

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