Make accepting micropayments in unattended retail environments more convenient for your customers.

Payment Technology Solutions for Laundry

Our Cashless Laundry Solutions provides your customers with more payment options. Our SmartCard and WaveRider secure laundry card systems enhance your customers’ experience while driving down your costs. It also gives you the ability to track customer transaction history and minimize theft and vandalism. Our systems support your customer’s payments in various ways:
  • Credit Cards (Swipe or EMV)
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • Mobile App
  • Purchased Value Codes
  • Stored Value (SmartCard or LaundryCard)
  • Amenity Cards

Payment Solutions for Arcades and Other Game Play

Now you can offer your customers the convenience and flexibility of paying for their game play in more ways than ever before. The WaveReader playpoint fully supports EMV credit and branded-debit, stored value, and Contactless payments (NFC).

Manage Cashless Payments for Your Correctional Facility

We offer convenient and cashless payment solutions with visitor card management systems, reusable inmate payment plastic cards and staff/officer cards. Provide secure access to vending machines and dining facilities while keeping track of purchases, managing funds and easy reporting.

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