• Better Cash Flow

    With Global Payments processing your card payments you get your money fast*. No matter who you bank with, you’ll see the payment in your account within two days.


  • Reduced Workload

    Make a big difference by allowing us to help you to simplify your payment process. We have lots of experience in integrating our payment operations into council systems, so people won’t be doing things twice – which also simplifies your accounting.

    With online payment becoming ever more popular, we can facilitate a smooth introduction of e-payments using our Global Iris e-Commerce payment gateway. It’s quick and straightforward to set up, and can integrate easily into your systems. Accepting payments via the web allows you to collect money without the need for human intervention.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    We’ll help you towards a rational solution that will allow each department to work the way it should, without impacting your need for consistent accounting and control. That may require recurring transactions for memberships, wireless mobile terminals for car park payments or a huge range of other payment methods.

    The great news is that, whatever each department needs, you can be sure that we’ll come up with a practical, efficient solution to suit it.

Payment Solutions for Your Sector

Council employees’ duties frequently encompass a far wider range of disciplines, meaning that they spend a far smaller percentage of their time taking customer payments. A complex payment procedure can easily lead to mistakes, bottlenecks and financial losses.

Our Local Government Team understands how councils need to work, so they can talk to you in your own language. And they have solutions and ideas that have been proven to work in your sector.


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