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Simplify and Secure the Campus Commerce Experience

A Comprehensive Approach to Campus Commerce

Unify campuswide transactions with the U.Commerce Technology Platform from TouchNet, a Global Payments company. We are a leading, best-in-class provider of commerce and credential solutions for colleges and universities.

Leverage our technology for greater control and transparency over transactions, costs and compliance. At the same time, gain operational efficiencies and self-service access to real-time transaction data.

The U.Commerce Technology Platform

The TouchNet® U.Commerce® Platform is specifically designed for higher education business needs, and flexible according to campus size and transaction volume. Our friendly and intuitive technology delivers a superior experience for students, parents, staff and other stakeholders with best-in-class applications.

Analytic data on tablet

Transaction Services with TouchNet® RECON 1®

Gain visibility into the true cost of your payment processing, understand your mix of payment types and allocate expenses based on real cost data.

With TouchNet® RECON 1®, you can process, analyze, reconcile and evaluate campus-wide payment transactions with a truly advanced transaction management system.

Benefits of Partnering with TouchNet, a Global Payments Company

Committed to Security and Compliance

As data security grows increasingly complex, our systems evolve to stay a step ahead. From payment data to secure access, rest easy knowing your campus is compliant and security is at the heart of every student, parent and staff interaction within our comprehensive technology platform.

Optimized Data and Operations

With centralized data and streamlined processes, our platform gives you the “power to know.” Our technology solutions provide built-in cost controls, simplify reporting, and help you reduce expenses.

Enhanced Campus Experiences and Beyond

The positive impact of a great college or university experience impacts retention today and recruiting tomorrow. By simplifying operations at every touchpoint, our solutions eliminate chaos and confusion, paving the way for lifelong connections among students, faculty and staff.

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SUNY-Old Westbury

Cloud-based campus card system helps college keep students focused on success.

Texas State University

Upgrading to a comprehensive commerce platform.

Purdue University

From one-stop to no stop.
University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Bullish marketplace leads to top dawg eCommerce.

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