It has been nearly a year since the EMV liability shift was implemented in the United States. And, while the technology was designed to enhance payment security, it has also created challenges in the marketplace. With developers attempting to navigate the EMV specifications and configurations, and merchants aiming to implement secure, reliable solutions that facilitate their everyday relationships with customers, the complexity of EMV integration has created a need for simpler solutions. See how Global Payments has simplified EMV for both developers and merchants as we move toward the next phase in secure payment technology.

EMV for Developers

The Global Payments Developer Portal provides an intuitive, step-by-step process to document, test and certify your application.

Step One: Documentation

Access specifications, code samples and scripts, and assure your security information is compliant


Step Two: Test Your Application

Test your application and view any errors in real-time


Step Three: Validate your application

Confirm your results conform to card brand requirements

EMV for Merchants

With a majority of Americans now using EMV chip cards, criminals are targeting non-EMV enabled businesses that leave themselves vulnerable to fraud. However, merchant adoption of EMV has been slower than expected—in part due to concerns surrounding the cost of adoption, demands for compliance and security, and the extended time customers are required to spend at checkout.

So many considerations make it difficult to determine what to focus on. Global Payments’ EMV enabled terminal addresses each of these challenges in one simple, secure solution.


Reduces PCI compliance cost


Utilizes a single-system integration, reducing the time at checkout


Reduces the complexity of the annual SAQ questionnaire


Separates sensitive data from the POS, taking it out of scope


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