Customer Engagement Platform

Put payments data behind your marketing to deliver customized email, gift cards and loyalty programs.

Marketing Analytics

Unify customer and payments data to see how marketing impacts revenue.

Email Marketing

Engage customers with timely, personalized email campaigns.

Customer Intelligence

Combine data from multiple channels to understand what customers really want.

"One of the things that I like about analytics with email marketing is the ease of use. It really helps us understand and capture our business from every aspect."

John Merola
Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce. B&R Sports

Marketing Analytics

Explore real-time payments and marketing data to uncover the true value of your marketing, prioritize top-performing campaigns, and eliminate wasteful spending.

Marketing Analytics

Sales Metrics

See revenue, product selection and average ticket value metrics.

Customer Activity

Monitor foot traffic, frequency and new vs. returning customer numbers.

Marketing Performance

Track email engagement rates, online traffic sales conversions.

Email Marketing

Deliver timely, relevant emails that your customers love to receive. Our email marketing solution lets you create personalized email campaigns based on your customers' purchasing patterns, product preferences and more.

Email Marketing Mockup

Email Campaigns

Easily create accurate customer lists and targeted email campaigns.

Gift Cards & Rewards

Automatically deliver gift cards and loyalty incentives when the time is right.

Connected Analytics

Measure how your emails impact sales and customer engagement.

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Stay one step ahead of the competition. Our customer intelligence tools connect your payments data with the marketing channel insights to uncover what customers really want and how they interact with your business.

Payments & Demographics

Spot purchasing patterns using your sales and customer demographic data.

Online Reviews

Reward brand promoters and identify detractors by monitoring online reviews.

Social Media Mentions

Track brand mentions and respond in real-time across multiple social platforms.

"I would recommend this product not only because of ease of use, but because I can now tie my email marketing to the actual sales that I make after marketing goes out. I know immediately whether to try that tactic again, or not. The insight I receive from Analytics is priceless!"

Tony Bigonia
Owner, Uncorkt

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