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Processing Payments

MobileRegister and Talech POS offer an iPad point of sale that is ready to go in minutes. Process credit cards, accept cash or check and streamline your business.

What is it?

With MobileRegister and Talech POS, you can have credit and debit card processing set up in minutes, plus the ability to run your business from anywhere—with sales and inventory insights available right from your mobile phone.

Talech POS Restaurant

Benefits of Mobileregister and Talech POS

Our bundled solutions include payment transaction options and offer easy to use mobile and tablet point of sale systems. With MobileRegister, you can accept cash or credit and manage key details of your business.

Talech’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to set up quickly. With just a few taps you can take orders, accept payments and manage your inventory.

Additional Benefits

  • Easy Sign up - Bundled payment processing makes sign up a breeze and our quick setup means you’ll be open and ready for business in no time.

  • Accept Cash or Credit - Offer your customers the convenience of paying with cash or credit. Being able to accept credit cards can enhance customer service and increase the average ticket size.

  • In the Cloud - Cloud-based software eliminates the need for local backups and allows you to manage and track sales, inventory and employees from anywhere; even on the go.

  • Understand Customer Behavior - Track your customers’ transactions, contact information and buying trends to create more effective marketing campaigns and improve future encounters.

Our Top iPad Point of Sale Features

Our iPad POS is a great fit for restaurants of all sizes, cafes, coffee shops, food trucks, boutiques, and other retail businesses.

Additional Features

  • Adjust & Apply Tops
  • Integrate with Quickbooks
  • Use Modifies and Variations
  • Print to Multiple Printers
  • Accept Cash or Credit
  • Cloud Based Software
  • Drawer Management
  • Open Tabs for Orders/Layaways
Talech POS Bundle

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