DCC provides to cardholders clear information about their purchases in home currency while travelling abroad. It is available for Visa and Mastercard transactions.
As one of our merchants, you will be able to offer DCC service to your customers who are visiting from other countries.
Your point-of-sale (POS) terminal is DCC‑enabled and it will automatically detect if a card is eligible for DCC. You can then present the cardholders with the choice to pay in their home currency or in EUR.
The foreign currency amount quoted on the DCC receipt is the exact sale amount that the cardholder will see debited from their account. Best of all, you will also earn a commission in EUR, based on the value of DCC transactions undertaken.

DCC is supported in the following currencies:

DCC currencies


Experience instant conversion to their home currency with today’s exchange rates

Accepted amount in DCC currency is billed to a customer account in the exact amount with NO additional charges

Simplifies Expense Account claims for business travelers


Provides the cardholder with the choice to pay in either their home currency or in EUR

Is available for Visa and Mastercard transactions

Prints a receipt that shows both the cardholder’s home currency and EUR


Increased customer satisfaction

Earning DCC commission share

DCC covers a wide range of currencies

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