Visa Cards Acceptance

Accepting Visa payments offers a range of benefits

  • Visa operates in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • With 2.5 billion Visa cards in use, Visa is connecting people through payments all around the world.
  • While the average cash transaction is $17, credit card purchases average $70 while debit card purchases average $36.
  • Visa enables more than $6.5 trillion in global payments volume annually, by providing 17,000 financial institution clients and partners, 40 million merchants, and 2.9 billion Visa accounts worldwide, with digital payment products, services and processing.
  • Pioneering payments from day one, Visa is at the center of a cashless revolution more than 55 years in the making.*
Visa cards

Mastercard Acceptance

Benefits of accepting Mastercard

  • For nearly 50 years, Mastercard has been using their technology and expertise to make payments safer, simpler and smarter.
  • Mastercard operates the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories.
  • Global Payments only takes commission on actual purchases made, so there's no cost to you for being prepared.
  • Currently, Mastercard is accepted in more than 33 million locations worldwide.
  • The company’s customers had issued 2.3 billion Mastercard and Maestro-branded cards.**

Accept American Express cards

Key benefits of acceptance

  • Customers appreciate American Express' loyalty programs - give them the option to use the card they prefer.
  • Pay only when you sell - there are no upfront fees or monthly fees.
  • Global Payments only takes commission on actual purchases made, so there's no cost to you for being prepared.
  • Multicurrency options.
  • Chip and PIN authentication for the highest security.
American Express
UnionPay cards

UnionPay Card Acceptance

Key benefits of acceptance

  • Over 6 billion UnionPay card holders can enjoy the secure, convenient and preferential payment services provided by UnionPay and its partners in 160 countries and regions.
  • More than 2.2 million merchants in 39 European countries and regions accept UnionPay.
  • 11.5% of Chinese outbound tourists visited Europe in 2015, that is over 3.53 million, growing by 24% year-on-year.***
  • No conversion fee is applied to payments made by UnionPay cards or via UnionPay network.

JCB Card Acceptance

Key benefits of acceptance

  • JCB is the only international payment brand originated in Japan. However, it is quickly gaining popularity in other parts of the world, and accepting it would open up to a large and affluent customer base from 190 countries and territoriers.
  • Globally over more than 91 million JCB consumers and JCB Cards are accepted at more than 29 million merchant locations.
  • Welcoming the JCB Card will allow Japanese consumers to feel more secure and more comfortable when paying for goods and services.

Discover Global Network Card Acceptance

Key benefits of acceptance

  • The Discover Global Network brings high-spending international travelers to your door.
  • Diners Club members are affluent and strong consumers, who want to use the card in as many places as possible.
  • Diners Club is one of the most popular payment cards in the world. More than 70 millions consumers own Diners Club Card.
  • Accept the card that operates in more than 185 countries and territories.
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