You Can Tailor How You Want To Accept Payments
To Meet The Needs Of Your Bar

We’ve worked with pubs and bars for a number of years so we know how important it is for you to reduce queues, and get to your next customer faster. You can provide your customers with a simple and quick transaction, with the flexibility of choosing their favourite payment option, with our solutions.


If your venue serves food, take your terminal to your customer, instead of making them queue up to pay. You can choose from a range of portable, mobile and wifi options depending on your need.


Contactless enabled terminals will speed up taking payments and help to reduce queues at the bar. Also accept Apple Pay and Android Pay for the next generation of payment technology users.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce rekeying errors and speed up payment by connecting your till and terminal. Your customer will automatically see the amount required on the terminal, you won’t need to input any transaction amounts, and your terminal and till will always reconcile.

Increase Reach

Accept a wide range of international cards, including the Discover Global Network family of cards, to attract more international customers and increase your business reach.

Gather Feedback

Gather customer feedback through a terminal. Ask your customer a question where they can anonymously rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9. All of your ratings are automatically gathered and collated daily in an easy-to-use analytics suite, so you can use this insight to make business decisions quickly and with confidence.

*truRating internal stats April 2016