And That Includes Your Payment Systems

The first thing you want from your card processing provider is quiet competence. That’s fine by us; we’re happy to be the invisible keystone. We work at being so seamless with your business that you won’t even notice we’re there.

Until You Need Us

As you look for new ways of maximising profit, introducing efficiencies, or improving your customer offering, you’ll find having a keen, engaged provider like us makes a huge difference. That’s one of the reasons we work with so many large (and a good few small) transport companies. They work with us because we’ve been able to innovate and adapt with them to keep building their competitive edge.

Payment Where Your Customers Want It 

We can help bring card acceptance to where your customers want it. We have mobile systems using Bluetooth, GPRS or other wireless technologies* to help you collect fares or take payments on-board. We process over £1bn** per year in sales this way. Our transport operators tend to work with us using their own fulfilment equipment and we then process the payments.

We will support you with pretty much any approach you want to take. So that idea you had for a great Smartphone app is do-able. The link-up between travel fares and car parking fees you’ve been planning is completely feasible. The idea you’ve not dared to mention to anyone yet… well, we’d be surprised if we can’t manage that one too.

*Additional costs may apply
**Correct as of 10/12

The Opportunity of Foreign Currencies

If you operate internationally, then you can add the competitive advantage of allowing your customers to pay in their home currency that they understand***. We handle the conversion and credit your account in Sterling. You receive exactly the price you set, and your customer sees exactly the price they’ll pay.

***Terminal upgrades may be needed and additional costs may apply.

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