We start out fast and stay that way, thanks to IP (Internet Protocol) transactions that talk to some of the most robust and resilient processing systems in the world. Just ten seconds less processing time for each customer could easily add up to more customers through your till.

You can speed things up even more by using our Contactless systems, for transactions of £30 or under. It’s faster than swipe/PIN reading, and experience shows that it can encourage customers to spend more*.

With our range of mobile terminal solutions, we can help you queue-bust. The timely appearance of helpful staff with mobile terminals quickly turns a negative to a positive experience – and that means you keep your customers.

*, 2015


A systems crash can be disastrous; you just can’t afford a major interruption to your payment processing. Our systems are designed to feature multiple redundancy and automatic fall-back. So if something does go wrong, another processing node picks up the slack instantly. We constantly review our systems and test their resilience to problems, as it is our goal to always be there when you need us.


Your staff’s attention should be on your customers, not the payment system. We’ll take the time to provide the solutions that fit your business and so allow card payments to fade gracefully into the background of a great customer experience. We aim to keep card processing simple.

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