Global Iris

Our Global Iris eCommerce system means that it’s never been so easy to take payments via the Web.

Adding our e-payments system to your website is quick, easy and painless. All you need to do is tell your web developers that you’ve chosen Global Iris, and our third party provider Realex will be in touch with you to find out their details and request your permission to get in touch with them. They will be provided with everything they need to integrate on-line payments without pain, stress or unnecessary expense.

If Your Customers Can’t Buy From You On-line, Then You Could Be Missing Out!

Don't worry if your requirement is unusual or industry-specific. We’re used to helping all sorts of businesses make the move to internet selling.

So stop losing out on all that potential extra profit, all those opportunities to sell into areas that have always been out of reach. Contact us today to find out how quickly and easily you could be moving your business fully into the 21st century.


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