Simplify Your Payment Process

People want to enjoy themselves, whether it is because they are retired, need to cheer themselves up or just want to have some fun. There are opportunities out there; all that’s needed from you is the time and resources to grab them.

Look no further for a provider who can ease your cash flow, simplify your administration, and facilitate new initiatives. We understand your market and want to work in partnership with you.

Match Your Card Payments to Your Business

We’ll help you to focus on the right solutions, whether it's Bluetooth or GPRS terminals for mobile staff or smooth internet payment using our Global Iris e-payment processing solution.

We won’t dazzle you with techno-speak, but we will help you to hone your offering supporting your business to be the slick, customer-friendly, profitable organisation that you’ve always aimed for.

Keep Your Customers

We’ve developed a whole range of tools to help you build loyalty and increase repeat purchases. We make sure that payments are processed rapidly and unobtrusively with our IP connection and rapid authorisation*, its one advantage we provide that most people will never notice.

You can turn tables faster with our award winning card processing service, Global Pay Now**. You can also speed up your payment acceptance with Contactless technology.

We can provide you with gift and loyalty cards to reward your customers and pull in those vital extra purchases. As well as increasing sales directly, they open up a superb communication channel to your customers.

* Standard transaction time is 18-20 seconds, when connecting over IP the standard transaction time is around 4 seconds
**Winner best industry innovation at the cards and payments awards 2014

Avoid Fraud

Fraudulent transactions – from inside as well as outside your business – are a profit drain that draw straight from your bottom line. So doesn’t it make sense to choose the card partner who’s won awards for its anti-fraud performance***? Choose us and our anti-fraud team will be working for you, stopping most fraud before it even starts.

*** HSBC Merchant Services won the ‘Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development’ Award at the Card & Payments Awards 2009 and 2011. They also won the ‘Merchant Award’ at the European Card Acquiring Forum Awards 2010

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