Streamline the payment process for your students

Unified and secure payment solutions for the education sector

When it comes to education institutions, every establishment is different, with a need for specific payment processes developed to suit their requirements. We work closely with a variety of educational businesses to streamline their payment systems and create a more unified payment process for their students.

Our payment solution connects you to over 140 payment preferences, which means you can deliver a truly localised experience and optimise revenue from international students, whether they pay online, in-person or over the phone.

Having worked with University of Lincoln and University of Birmingham for a long time, we continue to strive to become the card processing partner of choice for the education sector. Take their word for it here:

A complex industry needs simple, effective solutions

We can unify your payment process across the board, from the payments you take around campus, to the ones you process from overseas students for tuition fees. We make managing your payments easier, giving you one relationship to manage with an education sector expert, to give you the support and advice you need to improve student experience but also your business efficiency.

We create solutions for all aspects of the education sector, from primary schools straight through to universities, and everything in-between.


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