Process Membership Fees, Purchases, Events And More

We can handle repeat card payments for memberships and subscriptions just as easily as one-off purchases or event fees. Our reporting and accounting systems give you a unified, detailed and understandable view of how it all fits together. Handling different types of payment may be tricky but it shouldn't be difficult.

Extend Payment Facilities To Members

Whether your members take payments face-to-face or online, products such as our Global Iris e-payment system allow you to extend payment processing facilities to your members. That means you can help make your members more successful, and what better justification of membership can anyone ask than that?

Freedom to Innovate

We firmly believe that a payment processing provider should be working to help you, not restrict you. By choosing Global Payments, you will be working with a provider that wants to help you take your business forward.

The Membership Organisations We Work With Include:

  • The business support organisation for specialist retailers, their supply partners and trade associations. ActSmart has over 3750 subscribers making it one of the fastest growing specialist business support organisations in the UK. ActSmart currently delivers business support services worth c.£300 million per annum across multiple specialist retail channels.

  • The British Independent Retailers Association (bira) – is the voice of independent retailers. We connect independent retail businesses with others in the industry, creating a network of like-minded businesses whilst providing expert knowledge, support and access to a wide range of specialist business services, saving the independent retailer time and money. We represent approximately 7,500 members across the UK from single retail outlets to small chains, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

  • The National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF) is well-established as the largest authoritative voice of the UK hairdressing, barbering and beauty sectors. As the only professional association exclusively representing salon owners, you can be sure that we always act in your interests as an employer or business leader.

  • Established for 25 years, Pelican is a market-leading procurement specialist providing purchasing and supply chain services to private and public sector organisations. Specialties: Procurement Expertise, Purchase to Pay, Tendering Services, EU Procurement Law, Supplier Invoice Payment Service, Product and Price Management, Budget Control, Stock Management, Nutrition Services.