Global Payments is ready for Brexit

Global Payments is prepared for any Brexit outcome

As a leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, we closely monitor the global political landscape to ensure we can continually support your business. We are accordingly – given our ability to provide local, licensed & regulated payment services in 58 countries, including all of the European Union – fully prepared for any Brexit outcome.

Should it seem likely in early 2019 that a ‘hard’ Brexit will occur – that would prevent us from continuing to use our UK payment licenses for the processing of your EU-domiciled transactions – we will simply provide you with a minor amendment to your existing agreement to add one of our wholly-owned entities in the European Union as license holder for your EU-domiciled transactions. There will be no disruption to your business, including how you technically process your payments with us.

What next?

Your Global Payments Commercial Account Manager will be in touch shortly to provide more details. In the meantime should you have any questions, please contact us.

This notice will be updated regularly to reflect any new information on Brexit for Global Payments clients.