Lane 3000 Series

Retail PIN Pad

The Lane 3000 is the next generation PIN Pad, compliant to the latest standards and offering an updated interface and operating system. It adds ease of payment and eliminates the requirement to pass the terminal back and forth.

The PIN-Pad can be kept in a fixed position in easy reach of customers, making it more convenient and providing a better customer experience. The Lane 3000 is used for till integration via our Global POS Link solution. The PIN-Pad reflects what is input onto the EPOS and will allow Chip and PIN, Contactless or swipe transactions. The transaction messages are simply mirrored from the EPOS onto the terminal. The Lane 3000 offers a colour screen and its smart design includes a designated Contactless reader for processing ultra-fast lower value payments (up to the contactless limit of £45). It also supports Higher Value Payments (Wallet Payments) as standard.


   Key Benefits

  • The till and PIN-Pad are integrated, so they work as one
  • No additional End of Day reconciliation for the PIN Pad as this is driven by the EPOS
  • The ability to add on value added services which offer additional benefits to your customers like Tax Free Shopping, TruRating and HomeCurrencyPay which can also bring additional income for you
  • Accepts the full range of card schemes - like Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, UnionPay and Diners

   Key Features

  • Fully compliant with Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS)
  • No card data is shared by the PIN Pad with the till, easing your journey to compliance
  • Transactions are stored and processed securely end-to-end

P2PE from Global Payments

Our P2PE solution complies with the latest global payment security standards and is listed on the Payment Cards Industry Security Standards Council website. You can be assured that sensitive cardholder data is secure as it’s never stored in your payment environment. Contact us to find out more.

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