Our Wi-Fi terminals give your staff the freedom to work throughout your premises, taking the payment point to your customer.

Key Benefits

  1. Multiple terminals can be connected over the same Wi-Fi connection removing the need to buy additional lines and pay additional line rental charges
  2. Easy to use with a full set up guide
  3. The terminals can be used anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal.
  4. With the aid of Wi-Fi boosters this means the terminal can be used virtually anywhere
  5. IP enabled for fast transactions [4x faster than dial-up/Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)]
  6. Quick payments as terminals allow transactions to be paid directly into your bank account within three working days
  7. Flexibility to choose your own end-of-day report time to suit your business needs i.e. after midnight for restaurants

Key Features

  1. Fully compliant with Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS)
  2. Audit capabilities with end-of-shift and end-of-day reporting for management review
  3. Personalised messages can be printed on receipts to use for advertising and promotions
  4. Transactions are stored and processed securely end-to-end
  5. Supervisor password (not card)
  6. Allows acceptance of the widest possible range of Chip and PIN cards, ensuring your business is compliant with all Card Scheme requirements
  7. Colour screen allows easy reading, and merchant screen branding
  8. Backlit keyboard has large keys for easy use