A PIN-Pad adds ease of payment and eliminates the requirement to pass the terminal back and forth. The PIN-Pad can be kept in a fixed position in easy reach of customers, increasing convenience and providing a better customer experience.

   Key Benefits

  • Fully compliant with Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS)
  • Transactions are stored and processed securely end-to-end
  • Integrated Contactless
  • No additional end-of-day reconciliation for the PIN-Pad as this is driven by the terminal
  • Two central navigation keys for minimal errors
  • Fast swipe magnetic stripe card reader
  • Flexibility to choose your own end-of-day report time to suit your business needs i.e. after midnight for restaurants

   Key Features

  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Greater convenience as the PIN-Pad can be kept in a fixed place
  • Enables a more private and comfortable experience for a customer
  • Intuitively designed with backlit keys for ease of use
  • Colour screen when in Terminal Mode

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