Increase your payment conversion, acceptance, and enhance customer experience, with a
selection of solutions that can be tailored to your business.

We’ve got a wide range of POS Payment add-ons, which will help to give your business the
competitive edge. From HomeCurrencyPay, our dynamic currency conversion app so customers
can see how much they’ve paid, to Tax Free Shopping to attract customers from overseas; from
Global Pay Now for smooth service in your restaurant to Global POS Link for faster checkout.


Increase sales from overseas customers by giving them a more transparent experience. Our solution tells them how much they’ll pay, in their own currency, at the time of purchase.

Tax Free Shopping

Attract more international customers and increase your sales, by giving them the ability to claim back VAT on their purchases.

Global POS Link

Create a sleeker checkout experience by sharing the details from your till with the terminal. Our Global POS Link solution is better for your customers, your staff and your business.

Global Pay Now

Give customers a seamless table service experience, from printing the itemised bill to splitting the card payments if required, all without having to leave the table.


Gain fast, accurate feedback from your customers at the point of sale with our easy-to-use customer review Point Of Sale payment solution.

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