Strong Customer Authentication with 3D Secure 2

Effortless authentication for faster checkout, improved security and increased conversions.

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A New Era of Security Is Here

Are you ready? Stay compliant with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) including the newly introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which helps secure electronic payments in face-to-face and remote environments.

The deadline to support SCA was 31 December 2020 for all EU-issued cards and is 14 March 2022 for all UK-issued cards.

Transactions will be at a high risk of declining if 3DS 2 is not implemented within these timescales.

No-Hassle Compliance for Our Customers

For customers who use our online, ecommerce and mobile payments offerings you’re all set with 3D Secure 2 using our advanced technology. We have made available all the tools you will need to comply with SCA. Contact us for more details.

3D Secure 2 Is The Only Authentication Technology You Need To Support SCA

Unified Solutions

Our leading, fully compliant 3D Secure v.2 authentication technology keeps you compliant with SCA, reduces fraud and keeps your customers’ data safe when making payments online.

Our robust 3D Secure 2 solution offers:

  • A suite of compliant-ready integrations allowing you to deliver a smooth checkout experience
  • A frictionless payment flow by using a more comprehensive data set to authenticate the customer without the need for customer intervention across all devices, including native in-app mobile authentication across all participating card schemes
  • State-of-the-art authentication using biometrics, a one-time passcode and knowledge-based authentication which reduces fraud while increasing authorisation and conversion rates

Easily integrate into our Hosted Payments Page, our API or our JavaScript, Android and IOS Libraries, Java, .NET and PHP SDKs which come ready with our market-leading 3D Secure 2 solution.

Keeping You in the Know about SCA

SCA is the method of authenticating an individual based on at least two discrete elements of the following three categories:


POSSESSION - Something only you have.

For example, your mobile device registered with your issuing bank or a hardware token that has been issued to you.


INHERENCE - Something only you are.

For example, your fingerprint, iris scan or other form of biometric that can uniquely identify you.


KNOWLEDGE - Something only you know.

For example, a unique passphrase or identification number that is known only by you.
When deployed correctly, SCA offers an opportunity to keep user accounts safe, reducing the incidence of online identity theft or account takeover.

What is 3D Secure 2?

3D Secure 2 was developed to advance the functionality of 3D Secure 1 to meet the requirements of the modern remote payments environment. It introduces new authentication methods, such as biometrics, that better protect today’s consumers. It also provides the possibility of a fully frictionless payment flow by using a more comprehensive data set to authenticate the customer without the need for their intervention.

SCA Best Practice Guides

Find more information on SCA, like best practice guides, FAQs and technical implementation guides in our Customer Centre.

Your Guide to SCA

Learn everything you need to know about meeting the new SCA regulations.

One-click payments

Customers are charged while they're on-session, and card details are saved for future one-click payments.

Deposit top up on gaming website.
Regular online grocery shopping.

Recurring payments

During first payment customer saves their card to set up automatic, recurring payments.

Utility Bill Payments,
Tuition Payments,
Insurance Payments

MO/TO payments

Customers place orders over the phone (MO/TO) and card details are not saved for future payments.

Orders made in person, received on phone, or tablet wherever you are.

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