If Your Customers Can’t Buy From You Online, Then You
Could Be Missing Out!

In 2014, £104 billion was spent online in the UK alone* and that figure appears to be growing. Your customers will be expecting that they can buy from you whenever they want; and if you're not ready to do that, you’re handing your profit over to your competitors.

*Cap Gemini, January 2015

  • Online For Profit

    Taking payments online is becoming a de-facto requirement for most retail businesses. As consumers become more and more accustomed to browsing the internet and buying their products day or night, the merchants who keep pace with the trends are the ones that survive and prosper.

    Whether you’re new to eCommerce or looking to save money and improve the integration of your website by moving up from simple plug-in systems like PayPal or Google Checkout, we have a solution that could help you take your website to the next level.

    Broadening Your Sweep

    eCommerce is just one aspect of customer-not-present payments. We’ll also help you make sure that you’re not missing a trick – and potential additional profit. Many customers are happy to browse the internet to find what they want, but when they find it they want to speak to someone to make the actual purchase.

    That’s no problem. We can arrange your eCommerce account to allow you to take telephone payments. You’ll also be able to offer mail-order.

  • International Solutions For Ecommerce

    You’ve built your website to grab the fast-changing opportunities that the internet can offer you. Can you afford to let it be dragged back by payment systems that get in the way of your international sales?

    Accepting Foreign Currencies

    While English has become widely accepted as the lingua franca of the internet, online buyers are far less ready to buy in currencies other than their own. That’s not really surprising; they’re having to do a mental conversion on every price they see, and when they come to your checkout, they still aren’t sure how much they’ll actually be charged.

    So we’ve built a better way of doing it. Our single global platform allows customers transacting in different regions of the world to benefit from consolidating local services. We provide ‘domestic' services in 137 transaction currencies, 16 settlement currencies via our International Acquiring solution.

    Reduce Your Risk

    International eCommerce is a great low risk market entry model that allows you to commit to bricks and mortar or a joint venture.

Global Iris


Maximise your customer-not-present (CNP) payment processing, by taking a closer look at Global Iris. A complete online payment service including both a merchant account and an online payment gateway solution, it’s not just for buying online.

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International Acquiring

If you provide products or services in multiple countries through eCommerce or other customer-not-present (CNP) channels, you may be able to significantly reduce your card processing costs with our International Acquiring platform.

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