A reliable way to check and update card data held on file, reducing declines from out of date cards, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Our Account Updater solution, checks card details and provides you with up-to-date details if changes have been made. This reduces the volume of customer contact demands, provides a seamless change over of information and increases approved transactions. Giving you a better process for accepting payments and recurring transactions, we can help you offer your customers a better experience and increase their confidence in you.

   Key Benefits

  • Reduces the need to contact the customer
  • Provides seamless changes in card account information
  • Helps to improve card transactions - reduce authorisation declines that result from out-dated card account data on file
  • May reduce the number of unnecessary chargebacks as the service introduces a way for cardholders to stop transactions
  • Improves the cardholder’s experience and your process for accepting and stopping recurring transactions
  • Reduces costs associated with manual account updating
Accounting update

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