Securely capture payment information on your mobile app or online interface, with our easy-to-integrate mobile-hosted payment page

We’ll enable your customers to provide you with payment information, through your online interface or mobile app. Global Payments mobile-hosted payment page service securely captures and stores customer payment information. A token is provided for your system to save and use whenever a customer payment is processed, eliminating the need for your system to record sensitive credit card number information.

Subscription Payments

On-going customer charges made easy with subscription payments

Need to charge customers on a regular basis? Global Payments subscription service makes recurring payments easy, with flexible rules for setup, while integration into the eWallet is simple and secure. Utilise our administrative portal or create the rules with Application Program Interfaces (API) integration from your system.

Payment Processing

Monetise your solution with simple Software development Kits (SDKs) for payment processing

From micro payments to large ticket services, Global Payments processes credit card payments easily with SDK or API integrations. Whether you’re working with a customised IoT system or a major IoT platform, simple integration gives you quick time to market and requires limited programming to get started.

Account Updater

Prevent service interruptions by automatically updating card payment information

Through a simple system API call, you can update any customer card payment information that may have changed - due to lost or stolen cards, or other reasons. Save your customers the inconvenience of manually updating the information in your mobile app and ensure continued service.

Fraud Management

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions with our range of fraud solutions

Protect your revenue stream by setting system rules to flag, block or hold any questionable transaction requests.

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