Gain fast, accurate feedback from your customers at the point of sale with our easy-to-use
customer review point of sale payment solution.

Ensure your business remains competitive by obtaining feedback every time a customer makes
a payment, with our simple and effective TruRating solution. You can ask customers to rate your
service, product range or value for money on a scale of 0 to 9 – giving you real time responses.
You can quickly test and learn what works and what doesn’t, without paying out for costly
surveys or review programmes.

   Key Benefits

  • Real customer responses at the point of sale
  • Real time experience
  • Quickly test and learn what works and doesn’t work for your customers
  • Save money by avoiding costly surveys or review programs
  • A chance to increase customer spend by understanding what drives higher spend in your business
  • Free profile page to show your ratings online
  • Track results with an easy-to-use dashboard online
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