Attract overseas customers by giving them a more transparent experience, by using
HomeCurrencyPay. Our solution tells them how much they’ll pay, in their own currency,
at the time of purchase.

International customers can be deterred from making card payments when they are away from home, because they don’t know how much they have paid in their own currency.

HomeCurrencyPay, our dynamic currency conversion solution, provides customers with instant currency conversion at the point of sale, whether online or face to face. It’s easy to use, with competitive exchange rates, making your business more attractive to them. You can also earn commission via HomeCurrencyPay, which means a boost in your revenue too.

   Key Benefits

  • Instant currency conversion at point of sale
  • Attractive option for international travellers
  • Available face to face, online, in app and mobile
  • Earn a commission
  • No need for a foreign bank account, as you are credited in sterling as normal
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