Introducing our Fraud Management Solutions such as 3D Secure, AVS and CVN checking, which provide the perfect balance between preventing payment fraud and maintaining a smooth purchasing experience for your customers.

Our Fraud Management Solutions help you optimise conversion and reduce the cost of fraud to your business, whether it’s online or face to face. From an in-built fraud management tool, so you can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, to Decision Manager, our enterprise level solution, for the fraud protection big businesses need. As one of our customers, you'll have the reassurance of our dedicated fraud team who review all transactions to identify irregular or out of pattern activity that could turn out to be fraud.

And for online transactions, our eCommerce fraud solutions keep you in control, when it suits you. With the option to configure new rules easily, in real time, so you can improve fraud checks and tailor your rules, now and in the future, as you grow locally and globally.

UK Finance

Global Payments is proud to be a member of UK Finance, which works for and on behalf of its members to promote a safe and transparent banking and finance industry. The Economic Crime team within UK Finance is responsible for leading the industry’s collective fight against economic crime in the UK, including fraud, anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, anti-bribery, corruption and cybercrime.

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