As a principal member of Visa in Europe, we process your Visa payments directly with Visa, creating frictionless payment processes for your customers and your business. Working closely with Visa, we support your card processing needs and keep our solutions current with the latest developments in card acceptance.

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  Key Benefits

  • Opportunity for higher customer spend - Customers are not limited by the cash in their wallets, with the average Visa payment in Europe being €58
  • Speedier Service - Card payments rival the speed of cash, leading to shorter queues, faster service and happier customers; even more so following the introduction of Contactless
  • Prompt Payment - Payments are automatically processed
  • Global Reach - With more than 3 billion cardholders worldwide, accepting Visa cards is a powerful tool for attracting new customers from around the world

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**Lines are open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays, calls may be recorded.
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Please note: Our New Customer Team is open on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve from 9am until 2 pm. Wishing all our customers a peaceful and happy New Year!