Let customers choose their device, add their credit or debit cards and securely pay whether they are at your
store or in your app.

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Supporting Android Pay will enable you to offer a fast and flexible payment solution to your customers. With Android Pay, customers can simply tap their phone on a Contactless terminal and the payment is sent. They won't even need to open an app. Android Pay’s tap and pay is that easy. High Value Payments (HVPs) above the £30 Contactless limit can also be accepted, when the cardholder inputs their phone PIN and taps on the Contactless reader. With in-app payments, customers only need to select "Buy with Android Pay" and online checkout occurs with just the press of a button.


Android Pay doesn’t send the customer’s actual credit or debit card number with their payment information. Instead, Android Pay uses a virtual account number to represent the customer’s information – and we fully support the processing of this information in a way that is compatible with cutting-edge industry standards.