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Authorized by American Express, Global Payments has just made it easier for you to accept American Express Cards and attract preferred customers to your store. Reduce overhead by accepting American Express transactions through Global Payments; and participate in American Express Membership – a powerful network of consumers, small-businesses and corporate Card Members to help your business thrive.

As one of the world’s largest issuers of credit and charge cards, American Express® processes millions of card transactions a day and could deliver additional value to your business:

  • Engaged customers - 53% of UK American Express Cardmembers report they agree that they’re more likely to return to a merchant when they know American Express is accepted*
  • New customer opportunities - 51% of UK American Express Card Members report they agree that before making a purchase, they look for signs or logos that indicate if the merchant accepts American Express.*

* Source: American Express commissioned internet panel survey conducted in January 2016-March 2016 based on purchases made in the 6 months prior to the survey. Definition of American Express® Card Members: Respondents who reported that they have an American Express Card and that they used that card to make purchases in the prior 6 months.

Key Benefits

With American Express Acquiring Program, you get streamlined on-boarding, single deposit payment, a single statement for all card transactions and speedy initial set-up.

Additional Benefits

  • One Statement and Reporting. One monthly statement and single reporting portal for your American Express, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and PayPal® transactions.
  • Single Payment. Convenient payment of your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal transactions to the depositary account on file with Global Payments. Global Payments will also provide all chargeback and retrieval processing for American Express transactions. This simplifies your payment acceptance experience and services as Global Payments offers complete processing services for American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.
  • One Point of Contact. Global Payments is your single point of contact for all customer service and support needs.
  • Customer Retention. Merchants gain access to American Express' preferred Card Members which drives new customers to your store and aids in customer retention through acceptance of the consumer’s preferred payment type.
  • Free Marketing Services to Grow Your Business. Through acceptance of American Express Cards, you gain access to American Express Card Membership and can drive additional customers to your store and increase sales by taking advantage of free marketing offered by American Express.

As of autumn 2016, we are now able to act as service provider for your American Express transactions**. For small businesses, the benefits provided with this new service solution are as follows:

  • Simplified card processing  - Your American Express transactions will be settled by us together with all other transactions you process in one single credit to your bank account.

  • Simple record-keeping  - The statement that we provide you with will also include your American Express transactions, helping you to save time on reconciliation.

  • Streamlined timescales  - You’ll receive payment for your American Express transactions in line with our standard crediting timescales. We’ll collect your monthly service charges for your American Express transactions at the end of the month, as we will for your other charges.

  • One stop servicing  - We’ll be your point of contact for all your card processing queries, including those for American Express

Speak to our sales team to understand if your business is eligible for this service.

**eligibility criteria apply

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