Global Payments enables you to reach new customers in new markets, with a tailored international payment solution to suit your needs. 

From a wide range of international payment choices, to flexible currency options and a multilingual hosted checkout, we'll deliver a payment solution to help your business grow locally and globally. 

How we help you sell globally

A global acquiring network

We deliver local card acceptance in 54 countries worldwide. This means that you benefit from higher acceptance rates and reduced interchange costs in any of these countries, where you have a domestically registered business. Our global payment network spans major markets in North America, Europe and Asia, so rest assured, we can support and optimise payment success as and when you’re ready to expand into new territories.

Flexible currency options

Our foreign currency options enable you to transact in over 140 currencies worldwide, helping you to increase international conversion rates and optimise sales. Our multi-currency solution enables you to price and accept payments in a range of currencies while our dynamic currency conversion gives your customers the choice to switch to their preferred currency at checkout delivering pricing transparency for international customers.

Global payment choices

Our wide range of international payment methods help to convert more global shoppers into buyers, by offering local payment choices. With more than 140 payment choices available, we help you maximise your global sales by increasing customer confidence and delivering a truly localised purchasing experience.

Multi-lingual hosted checkout

Our hosted checkout solution adapts to 30 languages. This allows you to access international customers - and reassure them that they are completing their online purchase correctly, and in the language they know best.

Settlement in major currencies

Our global solution means we can pay out in 16 major currencies worldwide. This gives you more control over your own currency exchange rates, potentially reducing costs and simplifying administration.

Ready to get started?

A secure payments solution that enables our customers to sell online, over the phone and by recurring billing.