Our flexible, scalable and secure payment solution helps retailers to optimise conversion, sell globally and simplify PCI scope. Online, on mobile or in-app, we deliver a seamless payment experience with secure 1-click payments to boost customer loyalty.

“Global Payments’ Hosted Payment Solution has helped us create the optimum e-commerce website that creates a seamless purchase journey for our customers. With Global Payments, Audi Ireland has created a customised, secure and reliable payment page that adapts to any device."

Cian Cox, Digital Business Specialist, Audi Ireland 

Optimise conversion

Our online payments platform is designed from the ground up to optimise your conversion rates. This enables you to connect into a wide range of supporting solutions, all designed to help you maximise revenue and protect your business.

We prioritise the prevention of fraud and high value chargebacks. That’s why we provide a range of anti-fraud solutions that intercept fraud, without affecting genuine sales. These include:
  • In-built fraud solution with 30+ rules and a simple ‘hold, stop or release’ function
  • Enterprise-level Decision Manager solution with 260+ fraud detectors, including device fingerprint, IP geolocation and other real-time correlation tests, based on insight from over 68 billion Visa transactions annually

Global sales, seamless checkout

Expanding cross-border and selling globally presents retailers, like you, with a massive opportunity. We help you to reach new customers, in new markets, with a tailored international payment solution to suit your needs. From the international payment methods your customers know and trust, to local currencies and a wide range of hosted checkout languages. All for a seamless checkout experience, every time.

We also deliver extensive local card acquiring capability across 54 countries worldwide. This means you can optimise acceptance rates within your international markets, through the benefits of domestic card acquiring.

Simplify PCI scope

We understand that the best way to simplify your PCI scope is to minimise your exposure to cardholder data. That’s why we handle, transmit and store cardholder data in our Level 1 PCI DSS v3.2 secure payments environment – so you don’t have to.

Our Hosted Payment Solution enables you to retain total control of the payment experience on your website, without the associated PCI DSS compliance costs. And our card storage solution delivers all the benefits of retaining cardholder data – including one-click payments – at the same time simplifying your PCI scope.

Your payments, your platform

Global Payments has plugins for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle and Magento. This allows you to manage your complete payments environment within the platform of your choice, connecting into our range of solutions, with outstanding support every step of the way.

Ready to get started?

A secure payments solution that enables our customers to sell online, over the phone and by recurring billing.