The insurance sector faces a unique set of challenges in acquiring and retaining customers - from setup to premium renewal and beyond. That's why we help you manage the complete journey of your customer - from sign up to recurring billing - with the option to simplify PCI compliance along the way.

"We process over 200,000 transactions monthly, so resilience and scalability in our payment solution are crucial to us. The team at Global Payments was instrumental in the success of the integration. The customer service and robust solution are exactly what Aviva requires from its payments solution."

Mike Lincoln, Payments Manager, Aviva

A better customer experience

Choose from a hosted payment page, API or one of our many insurance platform integrations. Enjoying full access to our suite of built-in tools, which help you to create a seamless payment experience to increase your revenue. 

You can also set up insurance premiums and upsell additional cover over the phone, with instant verification and approval. 

Improved recurring billing payments

Our recurring billing payment solution helps you to manage, schedule and collect insurance premiums easily and efficiently.

We understand that the point of annual renewal creates a risk of customer disengagement for insurers. So we complement recurring billing with our card-updater solution. Card-updater prevents disruptions to regular card payments as a result of card or account changes, promoting a better customer payment experience and helping you retain policyholders, year after year.

Simplify PCI scope

It's clear that the best way to simplify your PCI scope is to minimise your exposure to cardholder data. That’s why we handle, transmit and store cardholder data in our Level 1 PCI DSS v3.2 secure payments environment – so you don’t have to.

Our Hosted Payment Solution enables you to retain total control of the payment experience on your website, without the associated PCI DSS compliance costs. While our card storage solution delivers all the beneļ¬ts of retaining cardholder data - including recurring payments - while simplifying your PCI scope.

Reduce Fraud

Preventing fraud at policy inception is an on-going challenge for insurers. Our range of inbuilt fraud solution helps you to detect and prevent fraudulent policyholders. From our in-built fraud solution - with 30+ rules and a simple ’hold, stop or release’ function - to our enterprise-level Decision Manager solution - with 260+ fraud detectors, including device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and other real-time correlation tests, based on insight from over 68 billion visa transactions annually.

Ready to get started?

A secure payments solution that enables our customers to sell online, over the phone and by recurring billing.