We understand that nothing should interrupt the gaming experience – online, on mobile or in-app - that’s why we’ve created a seamless payment experience to help you turn players into payers, at the click of a button. 

“The implementation of decline analysis, along with our fraud measures from Global Payments not only makes transactions safer but it also allows us to get preferential rates with our merchant account provider. It is literally maximising sales and improving the bottom line simultaneously."   

Matthew Borg Manche, CFO, Casumo

Reduced Declines

No-one likes a decline - not you or your players.  That’s why we provide a range of solutions to help maximise successful transactions.  We work with card issuing banks to deliver decline codes so your players know the reason behind a transaction decline – and what to fix for a successful retry.    

We also deliver error messages on the payment form in real-time, to help your players fix mistakes as they enter details – with specific error messages that guide towards a successful transaction.

If you have account holders with stored cards, you can tap into our Card Updater solution, which ensures customer payment details are up-to- date, so you don’t lose revenue when customers change their card details.

Reach global gamers

For your global gamers, we deliver an extensive payment method solution to connect into your choice of 140+ payment preferences - so you can deliver a truly localised purchasing experience - optimising revenue from players across the globe. 

Our Hosted Payment Solution also adapts to 30+ languages to help you tailor your payment page to international players, while you can settle in 16 currencies and accept & pay out in 143 currencies. 

Combine our payment solution with our global acquiring network for local card acceptance across 54 countries globally, to optimise your acceptance rates and reduce interchange fees in countries where you have a registered business.  We also connect into a range of acquiring banks, to deliver an alternate backup solution, for complete peace of mind. 

Tailored local currency preferences

Navigating through the landscape of global currencies can be challenging for gaming operators. That's why we offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), where international customers can pay and play in their own currency, for a seamless payment experience, every time. 

The option to pay in a player's home currency increases confidence and helps you increase deposits and acceptance rates.  This also improves your bottom line, as you earn an additional revenue stream from commission fees. We also complement this solution with expert guidance from our enterprise account management team who can help you optimise your foreign exchange profitability.

A seamless customer experience 

We deliver a payments page that adapts to any device so players flow easily through the deposits process, on desktop, mobile or tablet. We place your brand at the heart of your payment page with a payment experience that is customisable with your brand to fit seamlessly with your gaming website.

For returning players, add our optional 1-click deposit experience for customers delivering faster payments and increasing your acceptance rates 


Reduced Fraud

Chargebacks from players is an increasing challenge for operators. Our range of inbuilt fraud solution helps you to detect and prevent fraudulent policy holders - from our inbuilt fraud solution with 30+ rules and a simple ‘hold, stop or release’ function, to our enterprise-level Decision Manager solution, with 260+ fraud detectors, including device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and other real-time correlation tests, based on insight from over 68 billion visa transactions annually.

Reporting and Insights

Improve your payment acceptance rates with our in-depth reporting and insights tool to help you understand market performance and improve the player payment experience.

We connect directly to card schemes and acquiring banks to deliver the insights you need to optimise your gaming business.  From user-friendly and specific error messages to automatic retries, we connect to you to the information you need to gain the best acceptance rates possible. 

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