Education providers attract students across every stage of the learning journey, from both home and abroad. We help you to tailor your payment solution to help you maximise online registration and education fees from students, locally and globally.

"We set strict KPI’s when we implement new technology and can now say that 70%-80% of students pay tuition and related fees online. This enables us to be more efficient as an organisation and reduces our administration costs dramatically."

Doreen Bailey, Head of Financial Operations and Treasury Management

Aston University

A better student experience

No matter how you choose to integrate - through our hosted payment page, API, or WPM platform integration, you’ll have full access to our suite of built-in tools which help you to create a seamless payment experience to increase your revenue from local and international students.

You can also accept student registrations over the phone, with instant verification and approval and set up regular card payments for fee instalments at the click of a button. 

Improved recurring billing payments

We've also got you covered for regular installment payments - with our recurring billing payment solution to help you to manage, schedule and collect registration and college fees easily and efficiently. 

Our card-updater solution complements recurring billing by preventing disruptions to regular card payments as a result of card or account changes, promoting a better student payment experience with less risk of missed payments.

You'll also enjoy complete control over advance registration payments, with a longer-term refund capability, designed with education providers in mind.

Attract global students

We understand the value of international students to the education sector. That’s why we offer over 140 international payment methods that your students know and trust, along with local currencies and a wide range of hosted checkout languages for a seamless student payment experience, every time.

From Apple Pay to AliPay and WeChatPay to Web Money, we can connect you into the payment methods that are most relevant for the students you serve to maximise revenue from international students.

Simplify PCI scope

We understand that the best way to simplify your PCI scope is to minimise your exposure to cardholder data. That’s why we handle, transmit and store cardholder data in our Level 1 PCI DSS v3.2 secure payments environment - so you don’t have to.

Our Hosted Payment Solution enables you to retain total control of the payment experience on your website, without the associated PCI DSS compliance costs. While our card storage solution delivers all the benefits of retaining cardholder data - including recurring billing payments - while simplifying your PCI scope.

“Partnering with Global Payments as our online payments partner for almost £1 billion of online payment means we can support high volumes of transactions, meet seasonal peaks and scale to grow with future demand and new payment innovations."

Clint Wilson, CEO.


Global Payments integrates with the WPM - the payment experts to the higher and further education sectors - to deliver a payment solution that slots seamlessly into your existing systems.

Fully hosted by WPM, it is simple to configure to your specific needs and business logic - providing you with the right data, in the right form, at the right time.

Ready to get started?

A secure payments solution that enables our customers to sell online, over the phone and by recurring billing.