With our browser-based reporting platform, RealControl, you have full visibility into the
transaction data that underpins the success of your business. We help you to grasp your
payments trends, so you can better understand customer behaviour and ultimately
optimise conversion.

Intuitive interface

RealControl is designed with usability in mind. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for you and your team to access the reports you need, in an instant.

Complete transaction management

We make it simple for you to manage your transactions. Offering a range of permission levels for different team members, so you can void, rebate, settle and release settlement with ease. Every user leaves a user audit trail so you have full insight into activity and associated users.

Tailored reports

Enjoy access to a range of reports, which help you explore your payment journey in detail. These include an ’at-a-glance’ dashboard, where you can see transaction volume and value over time (sales and refunds), your total number of customers, total cards stored and scheduled payment information, to name a few.

Decline analysis

No one likes a decline - neither you nor your customer. That’s why we give you valuable insight into the reason behind a decline. We not only display it on the payment page to encourage a retry but we also provide a report dedicated to the reasons behind transaction declines. This enables you to adapt your checkout page accordingly and optimise successful transactions.

Simple reconciliation

We understand that you want to simplify reconciliation and keep administration time to a minimum. That's why we have created a report that helps you view transactions that are pending, failed, delayed, batched and awaiting settlement. All to ease your pain in reconciliation - and free up your time.

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