Global Payments delivers a recurring payment solution that makes it easy for subscription-based businesses to accept repeat online payments. It enables you to collect and manage regular payments from your customers easily and efficiently - and customise payment schedules to suit your needs.


Instant validation

When you schedule a new recurring billing payment we validate your customer’s payment method in real-time, to minimise administration and deliver a better customer experience.

Proactive insight

Minimise your exposure to out-dated card information by filtering customers card expiry dates in our reporting platform, RealControl. This enables you contact customers proactively to request new card details.

Keep card details up-to-date

Our add-on card updater solution prevents disruptions to regular payments when a customer changes their account or card number, leading to a better payment experience and less administration costs.

Your database of card details can be regularly sent to the relevant issuing bank to retrieve the most up-to-date information, so you don’t lose revenue when customers change their card details. 

Complete transparency

Our reporting platform RealControl delivers transparent insight into your recurring billing payments environment, in real time. This helps you to reconcile transactions — with the ability to search, void and refund your transactions easily - without the need to store sensitive customer data.

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A secure payments solution that enables our customers to sell online, over the phone and by recurring billing.