Our range anti-fraud solutions help you to detect and prevent fraudulent transaction to minimise fraud and maximise conversion. We support all of the main card scheme fraud management measures, including AVS (Address Verification System), CVN checks and 3D Secure - all designed to deliver an additional layer of security to e-commerce transactions.



1. Setup and test

Fraud rules are easy to set up, in simple language, with a 'passive mode' test feature so you can see how new rules perform before you make them live.


2. Assess

You can set up your fraud tool to pass, block or hold for manual review, so that rules don't affect the customer journey and false positives are minimised.

3. Review

The result of every rule triggered against every transaction is displayed in our reporting platform so you have clear visibility of every transaction.

Inbuilt Fraud Management Solution

Our inbuilt fraud management solution has 30+ fraud prevention rules, which you can add easily through an intuitive interface in real time, and tailor to suit your business and your customer activity. This helps you protect and grow online sales with a fraud solution that optimises legitimate payments whilst blocking or holding suspicious transactions.

260+ fraud detectors

Decision Manager is a multi-layered fraud management solution, that offers 260+ fraud detectors including device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and other real-time correlation tests to deliver swift and more accurate responses to unique and emerging fraud trends.

Vast transaction data-set

Based on insight from over 68 billion Visa transactions annually, Decision Manager delivers access to a vast transaction data-set. This mean you can better detect patterns of good and bad behaviour, and make more informed fraud management decisions.

Enterprise fraud management solution

Decision Manager is our enterprise-level anti-fraud solution helps businesses minimise fraud losses, maximise revenue and minimise operational costs. Using Decision Manager, you can streamline your fraud operations by taking advantage of powerful detection tests, screening models, case management capabilities, and real-time reporting. 

Flexible rules engine

Decision Manager also enables you to accept more good orders and streamline operations with greater agility. This flexible rules engine delivers instant access to powerful detection tests, screening models, case management capabilities, and real-time reporting to help optimise fraud management operations.

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