Global Payments helps you create a payment journey for your customers, with trust and simplicity at its core. Thanks to our card storage solution, your loyal customers can make a purchase on your website in just one-click.
Customers simply add their card details on your payment page and they are stored in our secure environment — minimising friction, maximising conversion and delivering a secure and seamless user experience, every time.
Customer card details are protected within our PCI DSS v3-2 Level 1 compliant environment, so you have all the benefits of retaining customer payment data, whilst simplifying your PCI DSS scope. 

How does it work?


On your checkout page, when registered
customers add their card details to
complete their purchase, they are also
prompted to store their card details, to
simplify future purchases.


Once they tick the box, their card details are
tokenised and stored within our secure
environment.When they next log in to make a
purchase, they can pay in one-click, with no
need to re-enter their card number.


Your customers have full visibility on the
cards that are stored, so they can edit,
add and remove card details easily, with
complete transparency and security at
all times.

How secure is card storage?

1. Layered security: Safeguarding cardholder data is our absolute priority. Our innovative payments infrastructure is operated to the highest level of security, risk management and compliance standards.

2. Compliant: Our card storage environment maintains a fully PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1 compliant environment. It ensures your customers’ card details are retained securely for the benefit of your business.

3. Dual Tokenisation: Cardholder data is protected through dual-tokenisation, designed to protect against digital breaches for the purpose of credit card fraud. It replaces your customer’s card number with an algorithmically generated number called a token.

Enjoy a range of benefits

Simplify PCI scope:

You don’t need to handle, transmit or store customer payment data, and you'll comply with PCI Security Standards Council’s best practice guidelines, helping you to simplify your PCI scope and potentially reduce associated costs.

Valuable customer accounts:

When customers add payment details to a registered account earning the benefit of faster payments, the account is immediately more valuable - to both you and your customer.

Recurring billing:

Eliminates the need for you to contact customers for recurring card payments, meaning more regular, successful transactions for your business.

Additional services:

Additional services available include a card updater solution, so you don't lose revenue when customers change their card details, our inbuilt fraud solution and 3D Secure, along with Dynamic Currency Conversion for international customers.

Ready to get started?

A secure payments solution that enables our customers to sell online, over the phone and by recurring billing.