Global Payments is a leading software-driven payment solutions provider, with over 50 years' payment expertise. We work with businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of sectors, to deliver bespoke, best-in-class payment solutions and exceptional customer support.

Our range of payment solutions enables our clients to accept payments anywhere, on multiple platforms, across any device. We help businesses to accept payments in-person, online, over the phone and by regular recurring payments - all backed up with our worldwide acquiring network across 54 countries.

We pride ourselves on our global coverage and local expertise, employing over 10,000 people worldwide, with a presence in 30 countries. This helps us to understand your business and the challenges you face, and enables you to expand into new markets, reach new customers and grow your sales internationally.

With a passion for innovation, we’re constantly working on new solutions to keep us at the cutting edge and our customers ahead of the competition. We work hard to improve our online payment platform, to make the customer payment experience the best it can be, to increase acceptance and conversion, and to boost sales revenue.

At Global Payments, we:

Handle over $660 billions transactions annually

Partner with 2.5 millions merchants

Work with over 2000 technology partners

Integrate with the world's leading shopping carts

Deliver +140 payment methods worldwide

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