While we have always had a high volume of Chinese visitors, there has typically been a limit on their spending owing to the fact that most have a limit on the amount of cash they carry. Working with Global Payments to install the UnionPay terminals has made a noticeable difference to our clientele – both in the number of Chinese customers we are getting and the increase in the average spend.


 Modern Canvas Art

When Modern Canvas Art was set up in 2006 we initially went with another payments provider. However, it is essential for any ecommerce site to provide a choice of payment vehicles for customers and all payment gateways must be totally secure, reliable and simple to use. As soon as we adopted HSBC as our banking partner we have never looked back. In 2012, Global Payments, formerly HSBC Merchant Services, announced that they were changing the payment gateway that they used from “Secure Ecommerce” to the Global Iris Payment system handled by Realex. We were a little apprehensive at first as we needed to get our heads round a whole new system, but looking back we needn’t have worried at all.

We were looked after by Global Iris from start to finish and the integration process was handled by customer service representative Sean Macdomhnall. Since we sell canvas paintings and canvas prints, our business is artistic in nature and it was important for us to have a clean intergration with the customised style of our site.

That was no problem for Global Iris. It took an hour of testing of the new system but Sean was very courteous and patient and walked us through the process very carefully over the telephone. It was great to have him on hand and we were very pleased that he was able to answer our emails almost immediately.

All of our queries since the integration have been dealt with very quickly and there have been no niggles or problems at all. The whole process has gone seamlessly – this in doubt due to the excellent service provided by the Global Iris team. The literature was easy to follow and simple to download. We have very high standards at Modern Canvas Art and these have been met by Global Iris.

All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend Global Iris to any other online business.

Robin Webster – Modern Canvas Art

Our giraffe STOP customers are on the go in Kings Cross station and are looking for a hassle free service that is efficient and user friendly. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the speed and ease of every transaction and have therefore introduced Global POS Link with the contactless payment facility. Our customers don’t want to queue, they want their order quickly and they are now able to pay faster than before.

Sam Anstey, Giraffe Concepts Ltd.


Minor Entertainment


Minor Entertainment Ltd took the decision to appoint HSBC Merchant Services, to handle its credit card processing at the start of 2012 when it established its own independent box office operation (previously Ticket Master).During the preceding negotiations and throughout the subsequent transactional relationship we have been delighted with the responsiveness and effectiveness of our account manager Stacey Dawes and his director Paul Massey. The relationship with HSBC Merchant Services has had some unexpected moments, but we have been able on each occasion to get a satisfactory outcome as a result of the efforts of Stacey.

We hope that they will continue to champion our business within the wider HSBC Merchant Services organisation over future periods. We look forward to working closely with key partners such as HSBC Merchant Services in the future."

Andy Fletcher – Director, Minor Entertainment


In The Night Garden Case Study - Tickets For Upsy-Daisy!

When the BBC’s In the Night Garden went on tour in 2012, they chose HSBC Merchant Services as their payment processing provider. It was an ambitious project with Upsy-Daisy, Makka Pakka, Igglepiggle and the other children’s favourites appearing in four shows a day at venues all round the UK. The shows took place in striking, purpose-designed inflatable “Snow Domes”, providing a totally immersive live experience for children and their parents.

We love unusual projects, so we put all our creativity into this one. We’d previously provided Minor Entertainment, the show’s producers, with payment terminals for their 2011 tour, and they already had a great relationship with HSBC Bank Plc, so it was logical that we should talk about getting involved in the 2012 tour.

We provided Minor Entertainment with mobile terminals, processing services and advance booking support for the 124,000-strong audience that enjoyed these captivating shows. The pricing model was similar to a budget airline process, with ticket prices varying by date, venue, time and availability.

HSBC Merchant Services was one of several card acquiring companies who pitched for the business. Our pricing was competitive, but not the cheapest. But Minor Entertainment chose us, and not just because they understood the value of fast, dependable and simple processing and an award-winning anti-fraud record*. The final decision was also based on their recognition of our enthusiasm and commitment to making the event work.

And it did work, superbly.

* HSBC Merchant Services won the ‘Best Security or Anti-Fraud Development’ Award at the Card & Payments Awards 2009 and 2011. We also won the ‘Merchant Award’ at the European Card Acquiring Forum Awards 2010.



N.Peal recently transferred its merchant services business to Global Payments. This resulted in significant benefits to the business including faster payment and improved rates – all of which we were able to discuss face to face with Dave Rowett, the Area Sales manager, at the outset.

The transfer itself was seamless and Dave was on hand to oversee the transition and answer any queries we had, particularly with regard to our UnionPay transactions. I have been impressed overall with the way Global Payments has been able to respond to the needs of our business.

Margaret Kleppen, Finance Director, N.Peal

Winbank LTD

Earlier in the year we moved our business bank account away from our previous provider. We also wanted to move our card processing business away from them. Musgrave, of which we operate two stores, had done a block deal with our previous provider with rates that we could all enjoy. As we were moving away from them, Global Payments kindly agreed on very competitive rates to rival the rates that the Musgrave retailers received

The transition was not straight forward as our terminals were different to the ones you use. Thanks to you, after me providing details of the term
inals we use, you managed to incorporate our system with yours. To date we have had no issues and I will gladly use you again should I acquire any more stores.

Karim Rashid, Managing Director of Winbank Ltd (Winbank Ltd is an independent Ltd company and is a franchisee of Musgrave)