Improve Customer Satisfaction by Offering Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion enables merchants to provide customers a final payment amount and accept a card payment in their native currency. By processing transactions in a customer’s native currency, concerns about any subsequent processing for foreign-exchange conversion are eliminated.

Giving Customers The Option of Paying In Their Native Currency

Comercia Global Payments can provide Dynamic Currency Conversion to any business that has customers with cards in currencies other than the Euro, and for those businesses who want to gain foreign currency customers. The practicality of being able to make purchases in one’s local currency, as if making the purchase in the native country, drives customers to prefer buying from merchants who provide this service.

Additional Benefits

  • The POS detects purchases made with foreign cards (different from the Euro) offering the ability to pay in the original currency.
  • The purchasing process occurs in English eliminating a language barrier and generating confidence in the buyer.
  • Customers are never surprised when presented with a final amount, which increases a customer’s motivation to make future purchases.
  • Merchants receive an extra fee of each sale made in the customer's currency

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