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Global Payments Europe is a personalization and mailing services provider, that is independent of any particular supplier of plastic cards or chips. In fact, Global Payments Europe works with many leading manufacturers of bank and non-bank cards and optionally provides security for the supply of materials.
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We offer personalization for a broad range of products:

  • all types of cards - bank smart cards and contactless cards,
  • stickers and payment bracelets,
  • fleet cards,
  • ID cards,
  • loyalty cards,
  • cards with a personalized image,
  • prepaid cards and others.

We provide all kinds of personalization, including:

  • embossing,
  • indenting,
  • thermographic printing
  • retransfer printing.

The reprinting of full-colour logos, bar codes and other elements are also included in our standard offer.

Mailing services are part of the personalization as well. We also work on the development of materials for non-standard or prestige packaging, including their production and manual packaging. Global Payments Europe is a certified Visa and Mastercard personalization centre.

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