The Global Payments Europe solution is designed to meet association rules and methods and reflect focus on season tickets – time based coupons/vouchers. It is prepared to be technology and brand independent. Independency is both from an acquiring bank and also from Public Transport Operator ‘s (PTO) back office system.

Supported transport solution modes

Retail mode

Using cards as a payment method to purchase single transport tickets. The point of sale is a transportation vehicle (bus, tram, etc.), pre-sales counter or vending machine. The payment card is used to purchase the ticket and a printed single ticket is then used for the customer’s own journey.

Season ticket mode

Using the payment card to purchase passenger season ticket ID credentials. Season ticket is purchased in pre-sale counter (face to face) / online Ecommerce (Eshop) and assigned to a registered payment card. The payment card is used onboard the transportation vehicle as a check-in ID.

Variable Fare & Aggregated transaction mode

It is a method that reflects the complex requirements in public transportation ticketing environment, described by card associations Mastercard and Visa. Also known as a “PAYG – Pay as you go” system where the payment card is used onboard to check-in and optionally to check-out. Final fare is calculated in back office at end of day (EOD).
The core part of Global Payments Europe transport system is a middleware Global Payments Europe tokengate.

Global Payments Europe tokengate purpose is to allow safe use of contactless bank payment card to the electronic passenger check. It is necessary to secure sensitive data against unauthorized payment card misuse and allow cardholders use contactless card as an ID linked with prepaid service such us transportation season ticket, voucher and loyalty points.

Global Payments Europe tokengate ensures tokenization of the PAN and expiry date in secure PSI DSS environment, calculated based on an algorithm and with key of the unique identifier TOKEN of credit card (holder) per Smart City merchant.

Global Payments Europe transport features and strengths:

Back-office based

In Global Payments Europe Transport, bank card serves as a secured identifier and holds no transport-related information. All tickets, passes and discount group flags are stored centrally in a PTO’s back office. This differs from currently used dedicated transport cards (e.g. Oyster in London or Opencard in Prague), which are a card-centric architecture where all transport-related information is stored on the card itself.

Bank product portfolio expansion

It is proven that by association card acceptance in public transport the banks will offer new card products for currently unbanked population as well as children or low-income families, mainly in the form of prepaid cards.

PTO’s cost elimination

As association cards usage eliminates the need for issuing of dedicated transport cards and implementation of stored-value infrastructure, the relevant costs savings will prove bank cards to be the most cost-effective option for fare collection systems. Even where dedicated transport cards are already in operation, the savings might justify a migration towards bank cards.

Secure environment

Global Payments Europe tokengate ensures a card number (PAN) tokenization method is implemented especially within PTO’s back-office to facilitate PCI DSS compliance.

Technology & brand independent

Any bank contactless card, allowed for transport by issuer to be accepted, Visa or Mastercard.

Works with existing cards

Passengers will use the cards they already hold from their issuers. This will result in significant savings for the PTO’s as vast majority of passengers will not need another dedicated transport card for travel.

Proven references


Retail and season ticket in six regional public transport operators with over 500 installed contactless terminals in buses

Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s.

Public transport Brno. Global Payments tokengate supporting Tokenization in season ticket mode in Brno urban transport

Dopravní podnik města Děčína, a.s.

Whole in one solution supports all the check-in modes. Cooperation on issuance (Dopravní podnik města Děčína) DPMD contactless prepaid card and prepaid waterproof bracelet to replace old closed loop transport card

Koordinátor Integrovaného dopravního systému Olomouckého kraje

Public transport coordinator in Olomouc region. Retail and season ticket mode in suburban transport

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